9-Volt, as he appears in WarioWare Gold
Residence Diamond City
Occupation Video Game Developer
Family 5-Volt (mother)
Fronk (pet)
Species Human
Friends and Allies Wario
Dribble and Spitz
Jimmy T.
Dr. Crygor
Kat and Ana
Thang Family
Young Cricket
Master Mantis
Penny Crygor
First Appearance WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Voice actor Reiko Ninomiya (Mega Microgame$!-Game & Wario)
Melissa Hutchison (Gold, English)

9-Volt is a young video game fanboy from Diamond City who also works as a game developer at Wario's company. He is best friends with another WarioWare, Inc. employee 18-Volt. His video game fanboyism results in his Microgames involving classic Nintendo games, a theme that stands out and stays constant through the series.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!Edit

9-Volt is first seen skateboarding home from school. Once he reaches home, he sets up a high-tech system with record players. (Note: The tune he plays is remixed at the beginning of SSBB's "WarioWare Medley".) With this system, he hooks up a GameBoy and begins the Microgame Mix. (As a visual gag, the GameBoy has a label that says NOT to revamp, which is ironically what 9-Volt is doing.) During the Mix, the screen displays RolePlay-esque messages depending on what happens, i.e. "microgame appeared!" when beginning a microgame.

WarioWare: Touched!Edit

9-Volt was at Toy Express where he bought 36-Volt Man and immediately went home to play it. He and 18-Volt beat the game in minutes. The Microgame Mix involes 9-Volt remixing on a record player, while 18-Volt holds a stereo in the background. On the record player, you can see Mario and Luigi figures. After the Microgame Mix, 9-Volt and 18-Volt fall asleep, waking up to discover that they are late for school.

WarioWare: Smooth MovesEdit

9-Volt and 18-Volt recieve a new game and start playing. Soon, they start to fight over it, and accidentally break it. In his rage, 9-Volt kicks 18-Volt out of his house. 18-Volt then goes around town, looking to buy the game again to make up. he soon comes across a video game store that happens to have it on sale. After the Microgame Mix, 18-Volt reaches for the game, and sees 9-Volt do the same. 9-Volt quivers in sadness and starts bawling. The two make up, and are friends again. (An interesting point is that although the cut scene focused on 18-Volt entering the store, 9-Volt's voice can be heard during the Mix.)

WarioWare: D.I.Y.Edit

In the Store, 9-Volt's stage can be played via the Game Blender. 9-Volt's stage screen is an 8-bit game parodying Super Mario Bros. and starring 9-Volt on his skateboard. For every victory, he gets coins from a Question-Mark Block, and for every failure, he falls through the floor. During the "SPEED UP" screen, he eats a powerup. After every Boss Stage, he goes into the castle from SMB. When the castle is tapped, the flag goes up, and fireworks burst. (Fun Fact: In his stage description, 9-Volt says, "What? No, my game is totally original!")

WarioWare: D.I.Y. ShowcaseEdit

9-Volt makes an appearance in 18-Volt's stage. During the "BOSS STAGE" screen, a giant version of his hat appears. After the Boss Stage, 9-Volt is revealed to be inside the hat. 18-Volt offers his hand in friendly embrace, but when the screen is "tapped" (Press A on the Wii Remote), 9-Volt slaps it away maliciously, and floats away in his giant hat ship.

Game & WarioEdit

In 5-Volt's House, 9-Volt is playing on his game console and is trying to beat 18-Volt's score. After not long, 9-Volt beats 18-Volt's high score. After, 5-Volt takes their game and sends 9-Volt and 18-Volt to do their homework. After a while, the homework is finished and 5-Volt gives them back the console. However, 5-Volt has set a new score of 100, forcing both to stay up late. Both 9-Volt and 18-Volt are playable. There is no end card.

WarioWare GoldEdit

9-Volt has his own level in the Touch League, as well as a smaller port of Game & Wario's Gamer. (see above.)