Baby Wario
Baby Wario Artwork (Yoshi's Island DS)
Baby Wario using his magnet.
Aliases Star Child
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Family Baby Mario (cousin?)
Baby Luigi (cousin?)
Species Human
Friends and Allies The Yoshis
Enemies Baby Bowser
Rivals Baby Bowser
Powers and Abilities Uses a large magnet to attract coins and move metal objects
First Appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
Latest Appearance Yoshi's Island DS

Baby Wario is the star child version of Wario who's only appearance so far is in Yoshi's Island DS. His special ability is to use a magnet to move metal objects and collect coins. As seen in Yoshi's Island DS he is not as well behaved as the other babies as he cries very loudly over nothing and got in a fight with Baby Bowser. In the end credits of Yoshi's Island DS he was seen on a boat filled with treasure and was filled with joy until Baby Bowser fell from the sky and got in another fight with him.