Crystal Entity
Species Crystal Entity
Dislikes Wario
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World

The Crystal Entity is one of the enemies that make an appearance in Wario World. When Wario enters a Crystal Entity's place of battle, a shield covers the stage around Wario, trapping him. He must then try to defeat the Crystal Entity. The Crystal Entity is made of crystals. They appear in every level. Depending on what levels you are in, the color and appearance of the enemy is different. If you were in Horror Manor, the Crystal Entity's servants are live skeletons. The Crystal Entity's servants try to attack you. You must try to hit them three times to stun them and throw them at the Crystal Entity. Be careful, because some fly, while others block the attack with their swords. The Crystal Entity shoots lasers when it has been hit. Keep throwing the servants at the Crystal Entity until it starts to wobble. Grab it and then use a powerful move to defeat it. Wario can then continue his journey.