Freeze Cannon
Freeze Cannon-1-
Species Freeze Cannon
Dislikes Wario
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World

Freeze Cannon is an enemy that makes an appearance in Wario World. It appears in the Thrillsville- Shivering Mountains. The Freeze Cannon is a machine with a cannon attached to it. It shoots a spray of ice as it rotates. If Wario touches the ice, he won't be damaged, but he will freeze makeing him a target for other enemies. Move the control stick back and forth to escape from the ice block. Freeze Cannons are usually on the brown platforms on trees. The Freeze Cannon cannot be destroyed, but ground pounding on the lid can put it out of commission. It stays for a while before shooting ice again. It is unknown if a Freeze Cannon is a controlled by another enemy or if it is an automatically controlled machine.