Icicle Mite
Dislikes Wario
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World

 Icicle Mite are one of the  enemies that make a appearance in Wario World. They appear in Shivering Mountains. Icicle Mites look like walking icicles with eyes. They appear out of the ground. Icicle Mites are harmless, unless Wario touches their sharp point. It takes three hits to stun an Icicle Mite. Wario can grab the Icicle Mite and Piledrive it near a high platform (that Wario can't reach with a jump). When he Piledrives it, the Icicle Mite will stay there for a short while. Wario can use it as a stool and reach a higher place. Flying Spades and Monstrous Magnets show a similar role.