Species Magon
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World
The Magon are an enemy that makes a appearance in Wario World. They are among the most common enemies, along with Ankiron, Clubosaur, and Cractyl. There are also Big Magons. A Magon appears in the game's first level, Greenhorn Forest. Magons are smaller than Big Magons and can be defeated with one hit. Big Magons take 1 or 3 hits to defeat. Forest and Skeleton Big Magons take one hit to stun. All the other enemies take three hits to stun. You can then grab them and use a powerful move on them to defeat them. There are also Clowns, Wolves, Puppet, Snowmen, Skeleton and Mummy Big Magons and Magons. The appearance varies in the world and level. Magons could not hurt Wario in Greenhorn Forest nor Greenhorn Ruins, but in later levels have a bite attack. Big Magons have a claw swipe attack that can send Wario on the ground stunned. Grouped Big Magons team up on you so watch what they're doing. It is possible for Clowns and other Magon and Big Magon types to constantly appear out of a flying cannon blimp or that weird obstacle that spawns them.