Paper Plane (known in North America as Paper Plane Chase) is a remake of the game Paper Plane from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!. As of 2007, the game was available to download for a cheap 200 NinSoft Points.


The game has three modes: Endless Mode, Time Attack Mode, and Race Mode

Endless ModeEdit

This mode utilized both the top and bottom screens. The player must control the paper plane through a tower, avoiding as many obstacles as possible, until the player finally crashes.

Time Attack ModeEdit

The player must get the plane to the bottom in the shortest time, so points are replaced with time.

Race modeEdit

This mode is a multi-player mode, where players race paper planes using the same DS. Player one uses the control pad, while player two uses the buttons. The first player to make it through the course wins.


  • This is the first Microgame to get its own DSiware remake, the second being Pyoro (Bird and Beans)