Princess Shokora
Occupation Princess
Species Human
Friends and Allies Wario
Powers and Abilities Magic,
First Appearance Wario Land 4

Princess Shokora is a character in Wario Land 4. She was the princess of an ancient kingdom before the golden Diva imprisoned her in the form of a black cat. She is first seen in the opening sequence where she is almost run over by Wario's car. At the end of the game, Princess Shokora is freed of her imprisonment after regaining her jewelry, which is held by the bosses, and reverts to one of four forms.After which, she gives Wario a kiss and is taken by angels into a beam of light, presumably heaven.

It is likely that Princess Shokora possesses her own arsenal of magic as she is capable of arriving at the pyramid before Wario, despite the fact that Wario is in a car, and she transforms into the the clerk of the weapon shop before every boss fight.


For the majority of the game, Princess Shokora is trapped in the form of a black cat. She can be seen, in addition to the opening sequence, the prologue, and the ending, in various poses around the map. At the end of the game, after regaining her lost jewelry, she assumes 1 of 4 forms. The form she takes depends on the amount of treasure chests you are able to save from the boss fight. These consist of:

  • Bratty baby princess- 0-1 treasure saved
  • Hideous princess - 2-4 treasures saved
  • Normal Shokora - 5-11 treasures saved
  • True princess Shokora - 12 treasures saved


  • Shokora means Chocolat in Japanese.
  • She transforms into a weapon store clerk who resembles a Game & Watch-style stick figure.