WWMM Repellion
Repellion gameplay.
Game(s) WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!
Type Introduction
Information "Destroy the UFOs! You only got one shot per UFO, so don't miss!"
Controls D-pad: Move
A: Shoot
Clear 15

Repellion is an Introduction microgame in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames which lasts seven seconds. The object of the game is to shoot all the U.F.O.s. However the player must shoot them without missing once or the microgame is failed. It has three versions. In the first version, the player only has to shoot one U.F.O. In the second version, the player must shoot two U.F.O.s. In the third version, the player has to shoot three U.F.O.s.