Spoiled Rotten
Residence Entry Passage
Occupation Entry Passage Guardian
Enemies Wario
Rivals Wario
First Appearance Wario Land 4
Latest Appearance Wario Land 4

Spoiled Rotten is the first boss of Wario Land 4, and therefore the guardian of the Entry Passage. At the beginning of the battle with Wario, it is accompanied by two allies, both of which are smaller versions of it. It is reccomended to kill the two allies, and then continuously attack it. When it has 3 health left, it's fangs will stick out, giving a much more disturbing appearance. Once it does this, you will take damage whenever you try to attack it from the front. You have to charge at it's back to safely deal damage to it. He is the only boss in the game that offers no Special Treasure.

On Normal Mode, you have one Minute to defeat Spoiled Rotten, which isn't as bad as it sounds since Spoiled Rotten is a very simple boss. On Hard mode, the time is halved to 30 seconds, making it a decent challenge. In Super Hard mode however, you have only 15 seconds to defeat it, making it very difficult without an item.