Species Swordfish
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World
A Swordfish is an enemy in Wario World. It appears in Spooktastic World- Horror Manor. It is a blue fish with a sword/machete-like fin and shark teeth. They appear swimming with nothing shown, but fins. When Wario lands in the water, they appear swimming around. If Wario stays too long in the water, the Swordfish disappears. It soon reappears under Wario biting him. Swordfish are usually in groups. Swordfish take three hits to stun. Wario can then use his powerful moves to defeat them. Swordfish are around Swirly Slabs. Wario must stun a Swordfish, and carry it on the slab. He must then use his Wild Swing Ding move to send the slab upwards. That way he can reach the higher level. This is why you must not defeat a Swordfish, although already killed ones are replaced.