Terrible Portrait-1-

The Terrible Portrait is a miniboss in Wario World. It appears twice in Mirror Mansion- in the middle and near the ending. It blocks Wario's path like the Tree Freak and Crystal Entity do as well. It has three faces-one in the middle, one on the right, and one on the left. All faces have evil, jack-o-lantern grins. The Terrible Portrait has arms as well. The arms summon different element attacks. The Terrible Portrait's first attack is a giant fireball that homes in on Wario. The second attack is similar except it is electricity instead of fire. The electricity is fast but travels in a straight line. The third attack is a large boulder that slams onto the ground, crushing Wario, if he is standing where it lands. The final attack is a large ice ball. It does not hurt Wario, but freezes him instead. He can be damaged with another attack. The Main Portrait creates Barrel Busters. Wario must hit them three times to stun them. He must then Piledrive them under the arms. The picture gets out of range when Wario gets near, so that is why he must do it under the arms. You don't have to fight the Terrible Portrait every time in Mirror Mansion. Once it is defeated, it never reappears. Other minibosses such as the Angler Mangler, Tree Freak and Crystal Entity, don't reappear either.