Tree Freak
Tree Freak
Species Tree Freak
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World
 The Tree Freak is a miniboss in Wario World. It is found in Beanstalk Way. The Tree Freak is a giant oak tree with large roots, and fruits/leaves on its branches. It blocks Wario's path like the Crystal Entity and Terrible Portrait do too. When Wario ground pounds the ground, the ground shakes. The miniboss will drop its fruit. Wario can then pick it up on the brown, nonspiked side. He must then throw it at the tree's weak spot, which is a bud with an evil grin. The bud appears if Wario punches the tree (which has no effect on it). He must throw the fruit three times to destroy it completely. The Tree Freak is fought three times in Beanstalk Way, making it the miniboss with the most fights. Wario must fight it at the beginning, middle, and near the end of the level. The Tree Freak is not harmful to Wario, its spiked fruits are. Wario takes damage if he touches the fruits' spiked sides.