Species Dinosaur
Enemies Wario
First Appearance Wario World
Latest Appearance Wario World
The Triceratops is an enemy that appears in Wario World. They are dinosaurs that carry a giant club in their hand. They usually circle around Wario, but will soon charge up an attack and start swinging the club in all directions. Along with Ankiron, Magon and Cractyl, Triceratops are among the most common enemies in the game. In Greenhorn Forest and Greenhorn Ruins, Triceratops look like walking on two feet triceratops (hene their name). In later levels they look like gorillas. Clown Triceratops look like walking crocodiles with swirly eyes and a club. Triceratops take long to defeat. If you hit them in the front, they'll block the attack with their club. You must hit them three times (or at least defeat an enemy and Piledrive them near a Triceratops) behind them to get the club out of their hands. They then walk on all fours. This time, they charge the attack whenever they see Wario, making it hard to attack them. Wario must hit the Triceratops three times again to stun it. He can then grab it and use a powerful move to defeat it. Skelosaurs, Gatorbabies, Snow Beasts, Grizzlies, Masked Clubbers and Club Mummies are the different types of Triceratops.