WarioWare, Inc. is a video game development company founded by Wario, and the namesake and focus of the WarioWare series. A parody of Nintendo–the creators of Wario–WarioWare is based in Diamond City and was conceived by Wario after watching a report on Pyoro, a commercially-successful video game. The employees of WarioWare consist of Wario and his friends in Diamond City.

The games developed by the WarioWare are typically collections of short, simple games known as microgames; an exception to this is present in Game & Wario, where the company develops full-fledged minigames instead. Though the games made by the company are typically successful in Diamond City and amass large amounts of money in the process, Wario characteristically pays his friends very little for their work and oftentimes, Wario will simply refuse to pay them at all. This usually leads to them forcibly taking back their pay from Wario.

WarioWare Inc