WarioWare Snapped
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems Nintendo SPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Dsi
Released 4/5/2009
Genre Action
Ratings E
Modes Single-player Muti-player
Input Cartridge

WarioWare: Snapped! is a DsiWare WarioWare using the DSi's camera. It is different from past games. There are only 20 microgames to play,


You play using your silouhette on the DSi camera. The mic is not used this game unlike the previous DS game, WarioWare: Touched!. The game takes place at Wario's new theme park, where you play coasters. Each coaster has a small amount of five games. You can see pictures taken of yourself after you play a coaster, similar to the Kinect. You cannot save these pictures, though.

There are four coasters for each character(s).

Kat and Ana - Playing with a friend.

Mona - Odd games.

Jimmy T - Games using acting.

Wario - Same as usual.

With it being a DSiWare game every microgame mix has only a fraction of the amount of microgames in the other WarioWare games.

It may also be difficult to get your DSi system to recognize your face, but you will soon get it.