WarioWare: Twisted
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems

Nintendo Software Planning & Development

Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Released October 14, 2004 (JP)
June 7, 2006 (NA)
Genre Action
Ratings E
Modes Single-player
Input Cartridge

GameBoy Advance Boy Advance and is the third WarioWare series game. This game also has a motion sensor.


One day, Wario was playing his Game Boy Advance. He got frustrated at a particularly difficult game. Full of anger and frustration, he throws the machine off a wall causing it to break. He is upset at first but remembers his friend, Dr. Crygor. He asks the good doctor to fix his Game Boy Advance for him. Dr. Crygor throws it into his latest invention, the Gravitator. The Gravitator shoots out thousands of new Game Boy Advance-like devices. Wario attempts to play but realizes the device has no buttons and is confused. Crygor tells Wario to tilt the Game Boy Advance. Wario then realizes that it is a motion-sensed device. 9-Volt and Mona appear who test out the Game Boy Advance and are quite amused by it. This leads to Wario's next plan to get rich.