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WarioWare Gold is the eighth installment in WarioWare series and the only entry so far in 3DS family.  The game was released first in Europe on July 27th, in Japan on August 2nd and in America it released on August 3rd. The game features 316 Microgames across the series along with new ones. In total, there's 316 microgames in total, breaking the record of WarioWare Twisted having 223 microgames. The most notable change is fully voiced cutscenes. While all others has new voice actors, Charles Martinet remains as Wario's voice.

Story Edit

After stealing a golden pot from a temple at Luxeville, Wario comes to the realization that he is completely out of money. While reflecting on this in his house in Diamond City, Wario sees a report on television about Super Pyoro; a new entry in the Pyoro video game franchise that fans are eager to get their hands on. Acknowledging the money that could be made in the booming industry, Wario again sets out to capitalize on the video game craze. Using his laptop and a recording device, Wario streams his latest scheme to the residents of Diamond City; a gaming competition with a steep entry fee, but a ten million coin reward to the victor. True to form, Wario calls up his closest friends to do most of the work for him and again, they agree. With his fortune on the line, Wario sets out to begin Diamond City's first "Wario Bowl" games. Unbeknownst to Wario however, a small girl named Lulu is pursuing him in attempt to retrieve the golden pot that was stolen.