Wario Land
Wario Land 3's North American boxart.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Released March 21, 2000 (JP)
May 30, 2000 (NA)
April 14, 2000 (EU)
Genre Platformer
Ratings ESRB: Everyone
Modes Single player
Input Cartridge

Wario Land 3, the third game in the Wario Land series, was released for the Game Boy Color in 2000.


One day, Wario's plane stalls and crashes while he is flying over the woods. Uninjured, he spends the rest of his afternoon wandering amongst the trees and underbrush until he stumbles upon a mysterious cave. Inside the cave, he discovers a magical music box and is suddenly sucked into it. There, a mysterious figure informs Wario that he had once ruled the world inside the music box, until an evil being sealed away his magical powers in five music boxes. In exchange for freeing it, the being promises to send Wario back to his own world and let him keep any treasure he finds. Enticed by the thought of returning to his own world with a cache of treasure, Wario departs on his quest, in search of the music boxes and the many treasures of this mysterious land. After collecting all the music boxes Wario returns to the temple inhabited by the mysterious being. Once he is there, the music boxes play a medley together. The medley frees the being, who, as it turns out, is Rudy the Clown. It transpires that Rudy is in fact the villain and had been imprisoned, although not before turning the music box's inhabitants into monsters. After Wario defeats Rudy, he is met by the inhabitants of the music box, now restored to their former selves. They thank Wario and transport him back to his world, along with the treasure that he has collected, as promised.


The "Music Box World" is split into four sections; North, South, East and West. Each section contains a certain number of levels and within each level are four chests to be opened; Gray, Red, Green and Blue. However, each key is not obtainable on the first play of each level, and many require a new power up or completion of another level before keys are accessible. After opening a chest, Wario is returned to the music box world. A Day/Night feature is also included in the game, with each level having different enemies or layout depending on the time of day. After completing a level, time passes and so day/night continually switches until you obtain a certain treasure - allowing you to manipulate time manually.

Coins are also obtainable in the game, and are used to pay for the in-level golf minigames. In addition, there are 8 "music coins" in each level, once all 200 have been found, a new golf course will become available for play.